Upcoming Show by Allan MacDonald

  Browns Gallery is proud to introduce Allan MacDonald as the next artist to exhibit in our Inverness Gallery. 'Touching Distance', a brand new body of work, will show from Saturday 15th of June to Sunday 21st of July. We invite you to join us at the private...

Touching Distance

In 2022 I took up a Residency on Hrisey, a small island on the tip of Northern Iceland. This body of work grew directly from my stay there. Hrisey is a small flat island cocooned in the long arms of the East and West Fjords; a cold embrace.
Exhibition at Brown’s Gallery Inverness, June the 15 th 2024

Moment in the sun

Catalogue introduction by Allan MacDonald | Moment in the Sun Where did this begin? Partly in 2019, when I was awarded the Balavoulin Art Grant, but really over 25 years ago when a friend returned home from Canada with a book called Silence and the Storm. Inside were...

The Sound of many waters

This is a collection of paintings mainly sourced from a recent stay in Mangersta, on the South West corner of Lewis. The title is taken from text from both the Old and New Testament; the book of Ezekiel and the book of Revelation*. Why? Firstly, because it fits the...

Transparency | An exhibition by ALLAN MACDONALD in Kilmorack Gallery

Transparency ALLAN MACDONALD exhibition 24th August - 21 September You and your guests are invited to the private view of new work by Allan MacDonald. In this exhibition - transparency - MacDonald continues his exploration of untouched places and their closeness to a...
Allan Macdonald

Allan Macdonald


The writer Michel Faber once described my work as ‘excited despatches from remote places’ and there is an element of truth in this. I am drawn to paint in places where the human imprint is small. But where is truly remote? I can get as much a sense of remoteness looking out my back door as I can from driving till the road runs out on the North West coast.

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